Nurse Assistant I (CNA-I) Skills Training and Lecture

CNA Lecture Review and Clinical Competence Skills Instant Streaming components help student go through both two steps of challenging the CNA Board Certification Exams and also fulfills the requirement for most states Certification Exams. These video titles are essential for those in establishing new Nursing Assistants training program and need State Approval. The video titles assist students to learn all the all required units essential in making them competent Nurse Assistants and be able to work either in the hospital floor, nursing home facilities or home health care. Meanwhile, the Clinical Skill Based Training is designed to demonstrate all the skills that CNA need to master before going to the skill based exam. The training demonstrates each skill in details and makes it easy for those who need an extra teaching of the skills or student who prefer not to attend traditional classes for training sessions. There 16 theory units and 115 clinical skills all together in this category accessible to instructors and students.

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